Philosophy of Internship: Established in 2009, Countryside Large Animal Internship program offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to new graduate veterinarians. As a full-service hospital, interns will experience all aspects of a hospital, surgery, and ambulatory veterinary practice. Our primarily equine based clinic makes for easily accessible equine practice knowledge. Along with the equine case load a unique aspect of our clinic is the great amount of production animal experience including cattle, swine, goats, sheep, and camelid patients. We strive to create an environment that allows the intern the opportunity to work with a variety of large animals to gain the experience and the skill set to have a successful career in equine and/ or large animal practice.

Internship Duties: Assist in treating medical and surgical cases in-hospital and ambulatory. Opportunities include anesthesia, independent case assignment, and exploration of individual areas of interest and expertise. Duties also include shared emergency call and night care of hospitalized patients.

Prerequisites and Application Process: Applications are due Nov 1st of each year: letter of intent, resume, three letters of reference, completion of DVM (or equivalent) degree and successful completion of NAVLE by start of internship, and ability to obtain Colorado license. Externship or interview is required.

Number of Internships Available: 1

Application will be accepted up to: November 1st of the current year

Estimated Workload: 80% Equine, 15% Beef Cattle, and 5% Swine/small ruminant/camelid. Equine consist of 55% lameness, 15% surgery, 15% medical, 5% reproduction, 5% rehab, and 5% farrier work.

Emergency Duties (Nights / Week): 7

Emergency Duties (Weekends / Month): 3

Terms of Employment: 12 month contract, internship starts June 1st of each year thru June 1st of the following year.

Contact for information or to apply: Mary Hoffmann, DVM