The east side of our hospital is dedicated to our equine patients:

Our lameness pad provides a uniform surface to perform lameness examinations where we can evaluate and diagnose lameness.

The standing stocks are used for equine dentals, laceration repair, artificial insemination, breeding soundness exams and reproduction, as well as offering a safe place for colic exams and medical treatments.

Equine Surgical Suite

Countryside Vet’s surgical suite includes separate induction, and recovery rooms as well as a state-of-the-art anesthesia and surgical equipment.  Our surgeon, provides the expertise and skill to perform a wide variety of soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. Patients undergo a physical examination and a blood work analysis prior to surgery. While anesthetized, patients are monitored by electrocardiogram, arterial blood pressure and blood gas evaluations. Patients are ventilated and oxygenated during all (laying down) procedures. Our doctors use advanced techniques for fracture repair in the minimally invasive arthroscopy surgeries. Countryside Vet provides 24/7 emergency surgical procedures such as colic surgery.


Our separate imaging room houses state of the art diagnostic equipment for diagnostics and treatment in equine patients including digital radiography, ultrasonography, video endoscopy and gastroscopy and arthroscopic needle scope. This diagnostic and treatment area is the most unique in the clinic as it includes an inground “pit” for our veterinarians to be eye level with the most distal aspect of the patients. This allows for even more diagnostic procedures and aids in the repair of lacerations as well as surgical procedures that can be performed without anesthesia.

Patient Boarding and Hospitalization

The north side of the hospital is outlined with 8 pipe fence stalls. The recent addition of the barn adjacent to the hospital provides 16 stalls for equine patients. Each stall is equipped with an automatic waterer and is cleaned and maintained twice daily. We provide full care to our boarded and hospitalized patients.

Intensive Care Unit

Our intensive care unit is comprised of three indoor, temperature-controlled stalls to house our patients requiring critical care and monitoring. We offer 24-hour intensive care monitoring by veterinary technicians and our resident veterinarian for mares in foal, neonatal foal care, colic, and post-surgical care.


Countryside Vet provides the unique opportunity to equine owners of a fully comprehensive health program including podiatry. Our veterinarians utilize the farrier room as an area of podiatry diagnostics and correction, as well as a workspace open to select professional farriers. Our veterinarians understand the importance of a cohesive team working alongside farriers to assist from the hoof up.


Countryside offers semen collection, and processing with our phantom mount and equine reproduction lab. Our veterinarians also perform artificial insemination on mares with cooled shipped semen, or frozen semen.


Our facility provides a separate isolation unit for potentially infectious patients. Isolation is only available for our hospitalized patients.

Equine Aquatread

A unique aspect of Countryside Large Animal Vet is our equine rehabilitation and conditioning program utilizing our underwater treadmill. Full care and board are provided for patients in the program.

Ruminant and livestock examination area

Countryside Vet is a unique practice in that our veterinarians provide veterinary services to all species of ruminant and livestock in addition to our equine patients. The west side of our hospital is fully equipped with a hydraulic cattle chute and exam area, ruminant neonatal intensive care room and a livestock surgical suite.

Our alley and chute system make veterinary appointments for your herd safe and efficient. Whether you are utilizing our preventative herd health care programs or preparing for breeding and calving you will experience our Gold Standard of Care from our highly trained technician staff and experienced veterinarians.

Our temperature controlled neonatal intensive care room consists of two ruminant-sized stalls to comfortably and safely treat all species of neonatal patients, house surgical recovery patients, and provide care to livestock requiring intensive care.

Livestock Surgical Suite

Our livestock surgical suite houses an obstetrics chute (OB Chute) and is equipped with anesthesia capabilities. Our 24/7 emergency team is available for springtime dystocia assistance, and caesarian section surgeries for cattle, sheep, goats, swine, alpacas and llamas. Countryside Vet also provides elective surgeries including castrations, cryptorchid castrations, hernia repair, and surgical dehorn procedures.

Our in-house laboratory allows our highly trained staff to further process basic blood work including Chemistry Panels, Fibrinogen, and Complete Blood Count for further diagnostics.

Our extensive pharmacy alongside our retail center makes Countryside Large Animal Veterinary Services, PLLC your one stop veterinary shop. From fall and spring vaccines, de-wormers, and fly sprays to pain management and first-aid supplies we have the means to fulfill all of your livestock and equine needs. We also offer top of the line feed and mineral supplements as well as grooming and barn supplies. If we do not have what you are looking for, we are willing to order products direct from the manufacturer to help reduce your search.