Externship Overview: Countryside is a full service large animal practice offering surgical, medical, emergency and ambulatory services. We serve a largely upper level Western and English performance base clientele. We also serve a large number of agricultural animal clientele with cattle, small ruminants, swine and camelids.  Externs have the opportunity to experience all aspects of a hospital, surgery, and ambulatory large animal veterinary practice. Our primarily equine based clinic makes for easily accessible equine practice knowledge. Along with the equine case load, a unique aspect of our clinic is the great amount of production animal experience including cattle, swine, goats, sheep, and camelid patients. We strive to create an environment that allows the extern the opportunity to work with and have valuable hands on experiences with a variety of large animals to gain the experience and the skill set to have a successful career in equine and/or large animal practice.

Estimated Externship Workload: 80% Equine, 15% Beef Cattle, and 5% Swine/small ruminant/camelid. Equine consist of 55% lameness, 15% surgery, 15% medical, 5% reproduction, 5% rehab, and 5% farrier work.

Application Process: Email dates interested and resume to Mary@csidevet.com

Prerequisites: Veterinary Student

Availability: 1-8 weeks’ time frames, available year round

Insurance Requirements: AVMA PLIT insurance required

Living Quarters: Externship housing is available at the clinic

Externship Responsibilities: Help with treatment and care of hospitalized patients, assist doctors and technicians with appointments, will be on call for surgeries and other after hours emergencies if staying at provided housing.

Externship Coordinator: Mary Hoffmann, DVM

Externship Coordinator Email: mary@csidevet.com