The most common reason we see neonatal foals is due to failure of passive transfer; meaning that they did not get enough volume or quality colostrum from the dam. Foals are born without antibodies; the first antibodies are received through the mare’s colostrum. New foals that are not standing, nursing, or are acting lethargic, could have failure of passive transfer and/or Neonatal Maladjustment Syndrome (Dummy Foal Syndrome). Foals should stand and nurse within one hour and nurse within 2 hours. When foals come in, Countryside staff will run an IgG test to determine if the foal received adequate quality colostrum; if the IgG level is low, we can administer specialized plasma for foals. Foals that are experiencing fever or diarrhea should be seen by a veterinarian immediately. While most foals are born healthy, some are born ill, while others become ill within a few days of birth. We provide the gold standard care to get foals back on their feet again. Countryside Vet hospital boasts a temperature-controlled Intensive Care Unit where foals can get warm and dry and receive appropriate treatment and observation 24/7. Call us with your foal questions!